Kakafukaka – what the hell does that mean?

There is no official translation for the title , in English or in any other language. 


But this Japanese drama is a mystery in its own right. 

Have you ever met the ex boyfriend or ex-girlfriend that you lost your big V with? If you did , did it go like the drama? If you don’t meet the person again, you have to watch this drama and you will have a chance to anticipate a type of awkwardness!

As a personal note, it did had the sexual vibe like the drama but more in a possessive and obsessive way. And I ran away from there as fast as I could!

Anyway, the drama Kakafukaka starts with a discovery of cheating by the current boyfriend, as he was leaving the house with the mistress happily. After that we discover that Aki Terada , the main protagonist, is in a very sensitive financial situation, which is not different from the life of anyone that works part time, or is at the level of a salaryman. She can not find a new house because she doesn’t make enough money and she doesn’t want to live in the current house because of the bad memories. I would feel the same way. 

Later, into the story the expression “the world is small” becomes a fact in this drama. Her friend is moving out from a shared house and one of the permanent residents ends up being Tomoya Hongyo. Tomoya is her first boyfriend and the one she lost her virginity to. 

The strangest thing in this drama is the acknowledgement that Tomoya suffer from a selective sexual dysfuntional that seams to dissappear only when Aki is close. I would say that he is so in love, when losing his virginity with Aki, he never really got over it. 

Sleeping on the same bed and being really close to each other seems to work the best without really being a couple again. 

So we have modern topics presented in this drama: 

  • Girls that look to get married, or live with someone, are expected to work as full time housewives. But some look for a part time job to help with expenses, depending on the personality and situation. Such things are always changing, including now housewives and mothers looking for a hobby and if that hobby makes them happy and gives them some financial independence, which can cause some conflict with former teachings and education. There have been some reported conflicts between husband and wife. 
  • I feel happy about more and more issues such as high housing rents being represented in Japanese dramas. It’s not easy to live in cities anymore, tourists tend to invade them with conquering economic weapons. That’s why sometimes only by going rural and embracing the culture and language into ourselves, we get to experience the Real culture, not the one that’s “for sale, only for tourists”. 
  • And this type of sexual issues have become more recurrent on the most recents dramas, like “my husband wont fit”, it means what it means no joke. 

Main Actress Playing  Aki Terada : 

Aoi Morikawa (森川葵)
Aoi Morikawa (森川葵)

Aoi Morikawa (森川葵) was born in June 1995, at Aichi prefecture.Her big debut happen after winning  the Seventeen’s Miss Seventeen, where were participating another 5575 applicants. 

You may recognise her as the main actress in the Jdrama Kakegurui(2018) or as a secondary role at xxxHolic(2013), which are both also based on a Manga. 

Masaki Nakao (中尾暢樹)

Main actor Playing Tomoya Hongyo:

Masaki Nakao (中尾暢樹) was born in November 1996, at Saitama prefecture. 

 If you like the series Kamen Rider – the season “ghost” (2015) he was the actor invited to episode 24 as Yamato Kazakiri. 

Official opening song : 

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