Is it sex the most important element for a love relationship?

“My hot sexless lover” (2022)

The drama “My hot sexless lover” (2022) raises the perspective of how women may or may not see a love relationship and the sex being the necessary element to keep it. However, the role of the woman , who is the older one in the relationship, is perceived as the horniest of creatures. 

Well, the plot is a bit weak! The drama took 2 years to finish and it has a total of 9 episodes. Its directed by Koto Nagata, Daiki Hamano, Eiji Takano and Megumi Aiba.

I am not actually sure who was responsible for the low production or , come up with the idea to waste talent. 

The story is about Mizukawa Rei, a 30-year-old single woman. One day, she meets 25-year-old freelance photographer Arima Shuto. They have good feelings for each other and decide to go out with each other.

But well, taking a side of that first glance impression, the female main role represents how independent from men women became and now , they are even more emotionally expressive.  However, the way the script it’s done it sounds like women are desperate to get laid. 

Our handsome Arima , played by Watanabe Keisuke, feels the first attraction takes a picture of Rei without her consent. To be honest, this gives me creepy vibes because it reminds me My 2023 April trip to Tokyo. I was there to learn more japanese. I witnessed a guy, maybe a university student in something, Navy blue suit , Black hair and Glasses , phone in one hand while holding an english study book . We are in a super crowded morning time train ( yes as the media show). All of a sudden, I saw this guy moving the cellphone to the side smoothly and taking pictures of a girl dressed super cute wearing a face mask (covid precautions). I know he was doing it because there was a moment with the station stop movements I was in the angle to see his phone . He switched the camera on and put some kind of tetris game on to pretend nothing was wrong. I knew if I touched his stuff or called him out, I would bring trouble for myself or even worst scenario I would be assaulted. So I did the only thing I knew typical japanese found threatening. I stared at him. 

When I mean “I stared”, it was a deep hard stare almost without blinking while wishing him death and biting my tongue . This was just to show my top gangster look. Well, at least the message went through his brain , as soon he noticed became really nervous and started sweating. His paranoiac side kicked in and from time to time, he looked back at me to see if I was still staring, which I WAS , I never stopped, that made him more nervous and sweating. 

I was not concerned with the girl because I could see she was with friends. She had the mask on which protected her identity. Since the train was super crowded , he also hadn’t the chance to take other pictures besides from the neck up.

The last point from the drama is the presentation and representation that the old jobs from 9 to 5 in an office are boring and being freelancer and working in a co-working space while meeting other people. This new style of work seems to be the preference among the young generations. 

Let me know what you think about everything…

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