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Japanese Culture Enthusiast that loves to see J dramas, also known as Doramas, and verify the social issues and cultural keys in them. On jdramatastic.com , the written posts will be publish on 5th, 15th and 25th of each month . To learn more about the Culture and Recent music from Japan , you can visit www.nihongo-student.com/ . Japan billboard review on Wednesday.


How much does your funny persona sparkles?

This drama is a non romantic one, however its still inspiring . The main character Tokunaga wants to achieve the dream of becoming a Manzai top performance. Manzai (漫才) is a traditional style of comedy in Japanese culture comparable to double act comedy or stand-up comedy. Japanese comedy has been around for centuries, with one of the most popular and long-standing genres being manzai. Manzai is a form of stand-up comedy that typically involves…

From Five to Nine, You Learn English or Love 

Available on VIKI Based on manga series “5 Ji Kara 9 Ji Made” by Miki Aihara (first published March, 2010 in monthly Japanese shojo manga magazine Cheese!). Junko Sakuraba  (Satomi Ishihara) is a woman who’s facing her 29th birthday and working as an English teacher in Japan. She’s always dreamed of living in New York, but it seems like that dream is getting further and further away. She’s diligent in her work, but her…

Would you choose boys or flowers?

Available on VIKI All students in a rich school the protagonist previews how she sees the rish people in her school , since she is the only scholarship student there.  I can’t help but laugh about the images of cars driving , all don’t follow the normal transit rules and drive in the middle of the street with 2 rows . As a commoner and poor person you avoid  breaking rules , as a…

Is it a Mystery or you are just blind? Don’t call this a mystery!

This Drama was created for dark humour perhaps, and it doesn’t have a love story. However, it is quite interesting! It’s quite evident the multi-issue involved in this drama. A Police officer that kills a rich kid for hit-and-run his family, instead of bring his suspect and proof to the investigation of the murder. The husband who wants to live a good life and have a wife to do the house chores without complaining…

Age Harassment (2015) Jdrama review

Per definition, presented in the series, age harassment is when someone, especially men, spend the day back from the new employees who have just left the college on your first job.


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