The Gender Roles switch 

This drama “He is expecting” is a friendly LGBT! 

A womanizer called Hiyama has 2 sides : the personal side – womanizer and typical arrogant- and the professional side – the inclusive and considerative. As a good advertiser publisher, Hiyama keeps an eye on the news and the world’s trends, such as the discussion of gender roles and transgenders.

Although, the drama doesn’t enter too much into the discussion of the transgender. But the topic helps Hiyama create a fresh and inclusive advertisement campaign , in a Traditional Japan adapting to the Global trends.

The drama starts with his rude colleagues objectifying the womens body. Hiyama claims he never chose to engage with them in the same way, for that reason he warns them they should talk about women like that because they could get in trouble. However, they carry on , the only woman in the room , Koga, keeps silent because she is a minority.

An introductory topic appears on tv, they are talking about the annual Cisgender male pregnancies and the first male pregnancy from a non transgender man. In case you don’t know, a Cisgender is a person whose gender identifies the same as the gender biologically born with. 

Taking the current debate in the social media about how you identify yourself as , Hiyama takes a chance to elaborate a new campaign surrounding the topic.

And as the Jdrama title says … surprise : he is expecting! 

So the emotional shock starts…

The emotional shock is followed by the physical changes surrounding the pregnancy. And a gender switch paper, in the decision of the person pregnant if it should abort or not . 

Hiyama pregnancy represents a person that finds itself in a group underrepresented by society. And a sensation when people use it for advertising . All the challenges about giving birth and the career adaptation that women suffer are now experienced by a man. Can you imagine a man’s reaction to a sudden breast milk staining the shirt in the middle of a work day?

The Drama is based on manga “Hiyama Kentaro no Ninshin” by Eri Sakai (published January 11, 2013 by Kodansha).

The plot : Kentaro Hiyama (Takumi Saito) works at an advertising agency. His romantic partner is Aki Seto (Juri Ueno). Aki Seto works as a freelance writer and an editor. She prioritizes her working career first and ignores her parents’ pressure to marry. One day, Kentaro Hiyama learns that he is pregnant. Kentaro Hiyama and Aki Seto are surprised by the pregnancy. They both didn’t expect to become parents. Kentaro Hiyama now faces a lot of difficulties due to his pregnancy. Kentaro Hiyama and Aki Seto must decide whether to have their baby or not.

The drama was released in 2022 and continue to 2023.

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