Would you keep your beliefs intact, even if the rich kids bully others?

Roppongi class is a Japanese drama available on VIKI.

This Drama may message is the bullying and blackmails behind the people that hold power may change your path and keep them away from your dreams. But do your dreams worth more than keeping your beliefs and a clear consciousness ?

Miyabe Arata, His dream was to become a police officer and he was one year away from taking the final exam. Upon the first hour in the new school and against others warning that the rich kid , Ryuga Nagaya, that was bullying the other student was the son of his father’s boss, Arata defends the bully victim in order to have his code of conduct and ethics intact. in the middle of a climax of the situation their room teacher arrives and ,surprise ( or not!), doest take any action. He actually runs from the situation!

Under the scared teacher’s eye, Arata hits Ryuga, because he turned again to the victim. They are sent to the principal’s office while waiting for their parents . And a clear corrupted and power blackmail begins to be clearly visible. 

When I mean power, I mean one of the definitions is the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events. The rich and people that are your bosses have that power to change your path or your stable life plan. They are Blinded by power and how much money they have, losing that power or when you don’t give in to their blackmails , it’s the same as losing their Pride or all their money, because they feel helpless, after living so many times as gods. 

In my case, I suffer from bullying. And I was told to always be strong. Being always strong is tiring and takes a lot of energy. Sometimes all you need is having the right people beside you. But be careful with the psychological bullying, the Toxic friends will play in your life.

 It took me a long time to gather my strength and build my self esteem, but it meant to be okay in being with myself.  

And it’s okay to go for a drink by yourself! it’s okay to go to the gym by yourself! it’s okay to be who you are without  other people’s drama and back stabbings!

If you go around the web, you will see a lot of “Am I the A-hole for ….?” stories. The scary part is 80% of those times you are not, you are being gaslighting or manipulated or just grooming to believe if you go against the toxic people’s actions and beliefs. 

This drama starts just like that and Arata’s father is facing the decision of defending his son for not selling his morals and beliefs or losing his job in the only company he knew and got promoted recently.  As a good parent is more important than a toxic work-environment , he chooses his son!

Without knowing, his father got enough savings to start a new path and achieve his own dream. But one day I got hit by a car… Ryuga’s Car!

You are lucky, if you know the real reason someone dies! You can achieve a more steady 5 stages of grief! 

But Arata is going on a steady stage before being told the real reason of father’s death, making the stages combine into an ultimate rampage… and the rich people still try to negotiate, corrupt the system and undermine his feelings. Arata gets arrested. 

But, none knows that it is harder to control someone, who lost everything and got nothing else to lose!

Just don’t miss the effect of social media in exposing the truth! 

To modern society in Japan, why does this story matter?

Japan still struggles in dealing with bullying the right way , without affecting their ideals.A good example is the bribes and corruption scandals across the decades, you can read more detail in Japanese scandals and their production – by Igor Prusa . One of the most commented happened in 2008 that involved high profile known people such as members of the government.

So its important to remember , you have a voice regardless of the stones and mountains in your path. Always have more than one path that can get you to your ultimate goal, but if you dont have the opportunity to have more than one path, at least create a back up. Because the toxic people around the strongest and happier you get the more they will try to destroy you.

And remember you are important regardless of who tells you different!

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