Is it a Mystery or you are just blind? Don’t call this a mystery!

This Drama was created for dark humour perhaps, and it doesn’t have a love story. However, it is quite interesting!

It’s quite evident the multi-issue involved in this drama. A Police officer that kills a rich kid for hit-and-run his family, instead of bring his suspect and proof to the investigation of the murder. The husband who wants to live a good life and have a wife to do the house chores without complaining while being pregnant. The police woman underestimates detective Skills grieving for the loss of her cat, while feeling useless when her peers ask for something, in reality, she is treated as a salarywoman, or temporary worker, when she is none of that.

At the first look, the main Character , Totono Kunou, seems to be a person with autism but the way he reacts with the other people seems to be a low degree autism. He is a person that pays attention to all details even without others noticing.
He ends up solving the issues above mentioned and many more, while providing us insight of the society surrounding them.

Even when facing a situation of bus hijacked when trying to find the guilty of a serial murder, the conversation goes around table telling the stories one by one. One of them is a Bully victim 1st person accounts that Kunou answers “why do the victims of bullying have to run?”, a reality that only exists in Japan according to him and this is the same with the Domestic violence victims. However, he is wrong on this one, the domestic violence resulted one of the main reasons for suicide, specially during the pandemic that resulted in the increase of 30%. People don’t physically run in Japan, at least not 30%. The ones that run do it by reporting to the authorities by obtaining restraining orders and going back to their hometown, but is that really considering running?

“Don’t Call it Mystery” took over Fuji TV’s this year, 2022 .This drama was based on the manga series “Mystery to Iu Nakare” by Yumi Tamura , which was first published in 2016, at manga magazine Flowers.

The Plot story:
Totono Kuno is just a regular university student. He’s got curly hair that he’s really self-conscious about and he doesn’t have any close friends or a girlfriend. However, he’s got an amazing memory and superb observation skills. So when a murder case unfolds near his home and the victim is another university student who attended the same school, Totono Kuno naturally becomes the prime suspect.

During his interrogation by detectives at the police station, Totono Kuno starts putting together hidden clues about the murder as well as the personal worries of the detectives. But then a weapon is found with Totono Kuno’s fingerprints all over it.

Solving the problems one after another, even gaining trust for the ones that only seek the truth !!

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