How fast does a love ghost move?

Hello ! Today the Drama is “Love’s Phantom” (2021) available on VIKI . Why a phantom? The male protagonist is the manager of the event floor in a fictional Hotel in Japan. He walks inside the hotel but none sees him until he is already working. Like a human being, he is supposed to eat but none ever sees him eat. He never socializes or hangs out. So workers at the hotel call him a ghost. 

The female protagonist is naive and recent in the work class society. She grew up in the rural city with her grandmother. 

And yes, if you read my post regarding “coffee and vanilla” , the plot is almost identical. Fast and Furious romance , one minute they are sharing the first kiss, next minute they are already living together. 

Of course, all situations in real life depend on the person’s decision. Even when the entire family and friends are against it. In a personal perspective, I went against my bestfriend wedding engagement (at least to me she was my bestie). I did it because she was giving up on her romantic dream of the romantic proposal and a romantic dreamy wedding. She was doing this to compensate for the really long previous relationship that failed because the guy cheated on her. Well, I found out because the mistress was an old acquaintance of mine ( social media thank you). After a few months, she was getting married to this new guy ( Who has the sick personality of a psychopath). 

The week after the marriage ceremony,  which I went anyway to give my support no matter what,  I was accused of stealing the groom’s neck tie. In Portugal, there has been a twisted new “tradition” (if I can call it that!). It involves getting a few cloth accessories from the bride and groom and doing a small auction to sell them and help with marriage expenses. I found those auctions to be a hypocritical event , so I left the room and went to watch the kids play. I didn’t even see the necktie or who “bought” it and I know the groom doesn’t really enjoy me being a headstrong woman. Even if I saved his bride once, it still doesn’t count for anything. Being accused of something I didn’t do was cherry on the top of the cake.

My supposed “bestie” never talked to me again. But I do hope she is happy and the kid she had.

However, I wanted to clarify that sometimes in real life, it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. But all I wish is you live a life with no regrets and full of joy.

Back to the phantom…

Like 70% of all Japanese dramas it possesses less than 15 episodes. Of course, depending on the type of story, the Japanese find it difficult to actually do storytelling.  They enjoy being straight to the point, which damages the plot of the Drama. Even if some dramas are based in Manga.

These types of plots can be a little exhausting by the lack of content. However, as professional actors and actresses,  this type of plots also are damaging because they are stuck on a loop of never ending ordinary characters. The characters change name and family background but their personalities and ability to love stay the same. There is no Challenge! 

Luckily, lately the Japanese drama world has become more serious and demanding, which can bring a lot of difference in the future. And maybe l, more world relevance.

This Drama “love’s phantom” is a little disappointing in representing Japanese society. It just cringes and romantic fans. It doesn’t have substance.

In my honest opinion, it was just screen time for the opening music “dreaming” by the J01, a BTS Japanese version, selected by the “Produce 101”, a South Korean entertainment event and TV show , which was also present in Japan and China. Although, in China, there was a little scandal about corruption and bribery. They want to duplicate de effect in Japan but I guess its slow not the came as BTS.

I leave in the written post the music from J01 “Dreaming”.
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