A Surprise wedding inside one company

And no! It’s not a love boss situationship. In-House Marriage Honey is a drama from 2020 where two people from the same company get married without knowing they work at the same office but in different departments. Both suffer from previous relationships, and in society’s eyes , you are only going to look stable when you are married. If you don’t look stable , you will not have the chance to promote.

The couple are the stars of their own department – the office idols. The woman is too kind to notice the guys hitting on her. And the man gets jealous of her, just because she is his wife.

This Japanese drama is not boring. I find it to be amusing, due to the fact it represents the changes of japanese society since the world war 2 events.

In previous decades, the companies paid the marriage interviews so men could have a more stable home. Of course, in this scenario, the woman would be just a housewife. With the “lost decade” events and the 90s economic crisis, those dynamics changed, and the marriage interviews became a more “family thing.” The boss and company paying for those interviews became an unreasonable action.

And now, as the younger generations become a little more emotionally independent and have a more globalized mind, they find the gaps and errors and try to fix them.

However, fixing mistakes is not easy in a society used to the way things are . And also used to keeping a certain purity or stable way of doing things.

The full 7 episodes of the Drama are available on Viki.

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