Flowers and Boys – Hana Kimi – LGTB friendly

Let’s start with the basics! It starts with the typical worship idol-groupies around high-schools! The High schools in this drama are the all girls schools or all boys schools with minimal socialization between themselves. And of course, the female-only schools are represented by the Queen-bees of the area. The drama starts with a transfer student…

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Kakafukaka – what the hell does that mean?

There is no official translation for the title , in English or in any other language.  But this Japanese drama is a mystery in its own right.  Have you ever met the ex boyfriend or ex-girlfriend that you lost your big V with? If you did , did it go like the drama? If you…

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Mischievous kiss love in tokyo 1 and 2 (2013) jdrama review

The so called in English “Mischievous Kiss – love in Tokyo”, is the second Japanese adaptation to the manga and anime “Itazura na Kiss”. Across Asia there are a lot of adaptations: “It started with a kiss” and” They kiss again” 2005, in Taiwan; “Playful Kiss”2010, South Korea; “Kiss me” 2015, Thailand; and a new version from Taiwan “miss in Kiss” 2016.

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